The Tassel Tee

DSC04441_Film NC-1A

It is the perfect season to start creating goals and learning more about something you are interested in. Whether that is learning how to cook your favorite meal, reading an interesting book or adventuring into something new. You can do anything you put your mind too. The AMENPAPA Tassel Top has a unique design element to it, for which it is a breathable top created with mesh at the bottom to stay cool in the Summer. The Tassel Tops come in two colors: Black and Light Pink.

DSC04459_Film NC-1A.jpg DSC04453_film NC1A.jpg

DSC04713_Film NC-1ADSC04704_Film NC-1A

DSC04709_Film NC-1A

AMENPAPA’s Award Winning Bible Clutch in the color in Pink.


This Top has Tassels all on it, creating a look of fun and imagination. Tassels are seen mostly everywhere whether it is on a purse, earrings, or on many of our favorite clothing in many colors and made of many materials. We created a top to express fun, while at the same time having the message to bring that fun anywhere you go. Your spirit exemplifies happiness to spread to other

                                                      Fashion Your Spirit!

DSC04480FilmNC1A new2

DSC04504FilmNC1A new 6      Two Better than One notebook

   DSC04492toolkit new 5.jpg


DSC04471FilmNC1A new1

The Two Better than One notebook is the perfect blank canvas to write all of your dreams down and document any goals that you want to accomplish.

The Bible Clutch become an essential wardrobe item for carrying all of your essential needs with you anywhere you go.

DSC04482FilmMMB new4     DSC04481FilmMMB new3.jpg


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