The meaning behind the Open my Eyes shirt.

This Seasons Collection of Open My Eyes is based off of the scripture of Psalm 119:18 which reads “ Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your Word.”
The Design Is created as a showcase to bring forth positivity to whoever wears it and see’s It. Anyone can shine light all over the world through God’s wonderful Grace and Glory.

Open My Eyes 2

An outfit can transform from a casual look to a sophisticated look by adding the correct items. In this case, we styled the bodycon skirt with our t-shirt. The light blue shirt creates a soft elegance, while the green skirt creates a bold, aesthetically pleasing, transformed outfit. The Open My Eyes T-shirts are crafted with neon sequins which reflect light.

1      b.jpg

                                                                                       Summer Bliss

Happiness is achieved when your outfit is 100% on the top of its fashion game. Express your happiness through your clothing with bright colors, and an array of bracelets that express who you are. Blessed, Miracle, Hope, Love, and Joy are the bracelets shown on our model.  Talia has on our Pink Open My Eyes Sequin Tee, The collection of inspirational crystal beaded bracelets and she is holding our Mesh Biker Jacket that is lightweight, breathable and chic.





Our Thorn bracelets promote channeling your inner courage and selfless love.


Our Sand Wash Tencel Trench Coat that creates a beautiful silhouette with a pleasing drape. The lace trim belt adds distinctness and also matches the Lace Pleated Mini Skirt that is specially dyed from AMENPAPA.


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